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Sunday, December 12, 2004

They sure know how to pick 'em

""If you have weaklings around you who do not share your biblical values, shed yourself of them," wrote Bob Jones III, president of the eponymous South Carolina university, to President Bush after the election. "Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil.""

My University really has a knack at choosing wholly inappropriate colleges for students to exchange with in the US. Coming from one of the most liberal places in the UK, going to the University of South Carolina, or the Catholic University of America (as Pol Sci students do in DC) is not perhaps the most obvious placing. I can't believe just how out of left-field these choices are; there seems to be no basis for why we'd choose them other than a singular lack of research.
I just hope I can pick somewhere for myself - if even the Times doesn't like your college, there's something going wrong.

NYTimes article


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