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Friday, December 10, 2004

Grinding into the wall

I was supposedly dancing like I was on Ecstasy tonight, not that I've actually ever been on Ecstasy. The whole of my dorm (well, about 50 people) went out to a club tonight en mass. We had a crazy time, and as the token gay boy I took full advantage and danced with all the hot girls in the place. I supposedly grinded one girl into a wall for about five minutes - she however, fully participated, so the whole thing was rather justified.

I was busy doing other people's work until twenty minutes before we were due to leave so I had to get drunk VERY fucking quickly. Luckily, Vodka is very good at doing this and I took full advantage - lets just say I had at least two glasses full of vodka before going out, skipping most of the mixer.

I'm completely FCUCKED now - but then most people are too. Every line I type I have to retype about five times because my fingers slur over the keys.

I cut a load of one finger off earlier whilst cooking a friend of mine lunch, so the bandaging doesn't help my typing anyway.

So yeah, good night despite the weird homo boy who kept on trying to dance with me. He was ugly and he was trying to get me whilst in a straight club. I'm thinking, 'COME ON, you can do better than that!' but he just keeps going. So I ignore him and dance with some other hot girl, and then another hot guy... Choices choices.
Consolation prize - I got to feel up the hot gay boy who I just 'happened' to sit next to on our highly eventful bus-ride home. Buses can be great, especially when they're slow and you're sitting next to a fox.

Vodka's great.

Every time.