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Saturday, December 11, 2004

'SlAmMinN' the shit.

I may be snobbish, I may be rude, but right now I'm really not caring.
A few days ago MSN Spaces was launched and I posted a little review, blurb about it at the time (link) and I wasn't overly impressed.

msnToday I thought I'd catch up and see what some of the people who've signed up to the idea have done with their spaces. Most users haven't posted much, haven't gone deep into the possibilities. However, I think the direction some of the users have gone shows how this service is going ot be used. It's not going to be a serious laternative to MT, Livejournal, Blogger or EE, but will be an off-the-cuff place to post thoughts about the latest IM conversation and today's purchase at the mall.
Of course I've been guilty of thses things in my weaker moments here, but I try and keep myself in check. I'm not confident anyone on 'Spaces' will edit themselves in the same way.

" ~ Kayaking ~ Going round daniels! :P ~ FIT boyz ;) e.g Daniel♥ ~ ♪ "Baby all i want is you!!! ♪ ~ Cutie in da house Safe! ~ Enjoy boys n everything that comes wit dem ;)♥ ~ U have 2 be in it 2 win it! ~"What goes up must come down"♥"

~ Im da 1 in da white in ma piccy. ~ I have Brown/Blonde hair Brown eyes i kayak and do weights 4 my training as well as circuits. ~ ♥Im a Cutie!! always n 4eva! ♥ ~ 100% Hyper b"tch! ~ SURFING RULES! ~ Aloha ~ Megzy ma bessie!

DREAMERHOODSUP - photos of him looking 'tuff'
♥AℓωαysSurfiиgßαßℓiиα♥ - learn how not to spell - great example above.
Kriminal House - great for illegal software keys
Ashley's Space - nothing here!

It's a sorry collection, but then that's what it was supposed to be. MSN Spaces won't go far, won't be anything and even if it's 'user numbers' far outweigh those of the competition anyone with a substantive thought to add to the public discourse will soon see that their time is better spent with a service that has a professional feel that doesn't retain copyright on your ideas.


At 4:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as my wise mother use to say "if you haven't got anything interesting to say then shut your fucking mouth". But at least if sad thick losers are posting crap like that it keeps them off the streets and hopefully the teenage pregancy rate in the country will fall.
gdayscott x


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