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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Margaret's Rates

Margaret Cho is in London at the moment and coincidentally I'm in London next weekend too, but I won't be going. She's outageous and hilarious but she's also highly priced. When the tickets start at £27, there's not a lot I can do but laugh from afar. She's funny but I can't do that.

I hate being a student sometimes; I need a high paying, time low, resumé wothy job so I can do all the crazy overpriced events going on. I'm really bummed out by this - I'm a big fan of hers but just can't stretch to that. I don't think that complaining about a ticket that is in effect $50 is outrageous. It's not that those tickets are really expensive, but they're the cheapest ones in the house. I hope she sells out, at least that way there's a chance she'll be back, and hopefully next time at a bit of a discount.