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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


music video

On Saturday night one of my best friends accompanied me to an underground parking garage at one of this city's many Universities for the last session of recording for an R&B music video.

The 'artist' was a guy called something like Warm Ice 2K, but that's just a guess. We couldn't remember his stage name - it's too much hassle when it's as idiotic a name as that - his real name was Ryan. As a cool bar/background club filler tune it was great, but nothing too stand out. The song was a kind of production heavy, synthetic beats concoction that record companies come up with for their stars to include on albums as filler tracks. It was nice in an inoffensive, inattentive, who-really-cares kind of way. But nothing special.


We had a laugh though, standing around in the background 'grooving' alone after being asked to 'have a good time' when the camera was on us. I presumed that we didn't need to have a good time when the camera wasn't on us, so during our off moments we sulked and wailed into our hankies with self-pitying dispair.

Alice and I ate Jaffa cakes, giggled at ourselves and marvelled at the lunatic styling of the pumped-up The Fast and the Furious style cars that were the backdrop for the video. I had to laugh though when we noticed how the mixing deck that had been set up on one wall of the set was in fact a complete fake and they had to play the track (for dancing and miming purposes) from the insanely-huge speakers installled in one car's rear. The car bounced with the vibrations.

Note the flames coming from the exhaust of the car here. And the guy doing his camera work didn't even notice...