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Sunday, December 05, 2004

'The Environment: too expensive'

"Western governors gathered last week to plan with the Bush administration and Congress how to change the Endangered Species Act, the 31-year-old law they say has cost developers, loggers and ranchers too much money and hassle for the few animals brought back from the brink of extinction.

"We have to recognize that, A, we can't protect everything, and B, we have to carefully examine whether we should try to protect everything, and at what cost," Manson said last year."

What point is there in preserving the wildlife of the world when we can build roads and houses over vast swathes of hour heritage, for that is what the environment is, our heritage. When we go down the path of considering it more benificial to create a new logging path than to preserve the continued existence of a unique species population, or think that we would prefer to have more factories than wildlife we lose our collective history. We can't allow further cuts into the country, raping the wildlife for short-term, purely economic gain.
Don't support it, and if you live in the US, contact your congressman to make your views known.

Seattle/LA Times article
US Congress