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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Unfairly HappyI connected my computer to my phone, linked them together for the first time since September.
I connected them and the moment that I pressed the button to sync, my photos from my summer, from my summer thoughts and experiences came FLOODING back. Pictures that I thought I'd lost forever when my phone wiped itself a few weeks ago, I now have back. One morning I awoke at around five AM to find that my alarm was going off and that my phone had formatted itself on its own somehow. I didn't know whether my laptop had backed up the photos and so I assumed it hadn't, I simply resigned myself to having lost them. I had a lot of emotional energy tied up with the thoughts and images that I'd saved on that phone and so to lose them was really quite hard.
Now though, they're back and I can look at them with a clear head and an impartial eye. I can think back and, not just going 'ahhh' for what I think I saw, now I can remember events in full. One thing I always think when I look at those photos, I look so unashamedly happy, so happy.

And when they came back I just sat there and cried at my desk - I didn't expect to get them back. I'd given up all hope and now I have them and now... well, I'm not happier that I'm less alone.