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Friday, November 26, 2004

Pacific sleeper shark

pictureAfter reading a Wired News article about deep-sea diving, I was intrigued by the Pacific Sleeper Shark. I've never heard of it before and it sounds kind of nifty. Supposedly one of the great ocean predators:

"Very little is known of sleeper shark life history. Age and size at maturity are unknown. They are thought to be ovovivparous (produce eggs that hatch within the females body), but gestation time and litter size has not been determined. Despite its sluggish and inoffensive reputation, they are voracious and versatile predators. The stomach contents of one 12 foot (3.7m) female weighed 300 pounds (136kg) and consisted of mostly rex and Dover soles. Another sleeper shark stomach contained 3 hair seals. Their diet also includes flatfish; halibut, soles, salmon, and rockfish. Other prey includes octopus & squids, crabs, and carrion (Hart 1973). In the picture below is a chunk of harbor seal skin and attached tissue recovered from the stomach of a Pacific sleeper shark."

Conservation Institute
Arctic Science Journeys
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