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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Love the mind games

I love how worked up we all get about one another. Once we meet someone we like, we think is hot, comes across as intelligent, we act as though unable to touch them with a barge-pole. We're conservative, scared and apprehensive. I love how the mind games work - Scott's going through what I was going through two weeks ago, but he actually writes it online!

Out in the open, ready for all to see.
It's the 'Do I contact him or don't I? Does that come across as desperate or just interested? Can I call without him hating me for chasing so much?" I hate doing this stuff, but it's kind of fun to watch from way afar.

"This Charlie boy is freaking me out. I just can't work out if he fancies me. I thought I'd do a bit of fishing this morning by sending him a email calling him gorgeous (he has addressed me as Sexy and fit in two previous emails) and asking how his weekend was whilst letting him know about my weekend."