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Friday, December 03, 2004

MSN Spaces

MSN Spaces

MSN have launched their own Blogging alternative into the field today. As a working 'beta' - that catch-all term that's supposed to make us forgive inadequate software design and mistakes in usability - the site links to MSN Messenger, Hotmail and all the other MSN 'channels'.
"MSN yesterday introduced a beta version of MSN Spaces, a new web logging service. It also released a beta version of MSN Messenger 7.0 and updates to MSN Hotmail. These services will be integrated, the company says.

MSN Spaces offers three levels of control over who may access their Space. It allows users to display their pictures in a slideshow, and share their music playlists. Visitors may sample or purchase tracks on the playlist."
- The Register

I assume that the only reason why a person would choose an MSN blog account would be the ease with which Microsoft will integrate it within their existing infrastructure. Those blogs that are most successful will be viewed by friends because they're publicised through a vast Messenger network, alerting all to the opportunity to read shallow insights into their friend's lives. To add insult to injury it's also incredibly slow...
My general instinct would be that no completely serious blog would use their system - it's too tied to the MSN brand. They want to own your blog, they want to be the real star of the show, rather than your hard work. Once you use a system like blogger or MT, one can't look at the MSN offering and think that it's a professional alternative. It's market is one of teens who want to tell their friends about the latest CD and about their new piercing.

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