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Friday, October 01, 2004

I went for the audition

Yesterday was an audition turn-up-and-die event for the Leeds University Union's Dance Expose society. I decided over the summer that I really want to get back into doing some kind of dance and what some might call 'creative movement' - dance then.
In one of the multitude of societies fairs over the last weeks I picked up the information for the dance society and decided to go along. To boost my confidence I managed to get Kate to come along with me though she shirked the idea of doing an audition as well - being dressed in skin tight jeans wouldn't have helped her though anyway so it's just as well.

Attempting to copy the 'leader' in the moves of Basement Jaxx's 'Tell Me' was dire. All the lithe girls in legwarmers seemed to be able to pick it up - I died on my feet. If they'd asked me to improvise to the song, to just do the kind of dancing they were attempting to do - but do it off the bat, I could have done. I'm good at that. Here though, I died.

I walked out of the room feeling like someone had kicked me in the head. Very hard.


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