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Monday, September 27, 2004

I'm a dirty bugger

My head is blocked, my nose is blocked and my chest is blocked. I'm feeling shit and I've been leaving Freshers Week behind because I'm too sick to party. This is not fun. Plus, I have no internet connection in my hall which is killing my link to the outside world. Funny that.
Just had my first Chinese class. Fantastic - turns out that for one semester of classes the books are going to cost £48. Just what I needed - some nice overpriced dead trees. Damn it, as though I don't have any other classes to worry about buying shit for.
On the other hand, have just confirmed that I've got a job working a reception desk 4:30-10:30 wednesday nights, which is fantastic. They say that most of the time you can just read your books and stuff, there's not much to do. I asked my boss on our 'introduction' evening why the 'supervisor' can't just do it all - he didn't really have much of an answer - I'm thinking there's really not much will to work hard there. The supervisor sits in the office looking over what the receptionist does and then sometimes goes onto the sports fields (that's what we're managing) to see what's going on. Why they couldn't just lock the office for five minutes whilst they check out the 'outside world' is beyond me - and it seems, beyond them too.
It gives me a job anyway so I'm happy; starts Wednesday which is good - means there's a chance I won't get overdrawn in the first two weeks of Uni. Fantastic.
Just let's wait until week three.


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just tell me the titles patrick, C


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