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Saturday, September 18, 2004


This image always makes me laugh. She's' completely insane. And, though the text for the image says she's my sister, she's not; I don't know why I wrote that - she's my cousin.
Stupid brain...

This pic's here because I'm testing out Flickr after getting annoyed by how Hello by Picassa by Google didn't have Mac support. I really liked Hello, but that's life really - fickle consumers. Mr Doctorow over at boingboing.net uses Flickr and so, garnered my interest when I saw some of his pictures recently. Best of all, there's a plugin for iPhoto, so iEverything can be iDone in house. Which is nice - it's nippy, humourous (they ask whether you've read their fascinating terms of service... I didn't).

Anyway, it's fun.


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