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Sunday, September 12, 2004


"Mama i'ma Millionaire but I feel like a bum.
Mama i'ma Millionaire but I feel like the only one.
I,I,I,I woke up early this mornin,
I don't think ya'll heard me,"


Yeah. Tonight/this morning was Phil's Birthday. I gave him the most fabulous card that I felt bad in parting with it! I should have stopped there but wanted to bring something else, so I got some of those little Absolut taster bottles and thought I'd give them to him as a bit of a laugh. It wasn't funny - turned out I had to carry them around for like an hour and smuggle them into the bars before actually being able to get them to him. It was unnecessary. Anyway, apart from that odditiy, his evening was the best I've had in a really long time. He's got some amazing friends that are a real blast. It'll be strange not being around him, and them, every Thursday and Saturday nights.

Some friends you like, some friends you understand and others you miss. He's going to be one of those. I really hate leaving people behind and it seems that this is going to be an issue for much of my life because I can never decide country, let alone what city I want to live in. Phil's one of those guys that really just understands what other people's lives encompass and empathises without being a patronising twit like most of the world's population. I hope I find someone to be my guy who's as funny, kind, vulnerable, enthusiastic, sarcastic, did I say funny and encouraging as Phil is. What a find.

Phil, like you said to me tonight, Don't be a stranger, I couldn't take it.

Whenever I'm back in Burminum I want to be FORCED into coming out and having a stupidly enjoyable time, not matter how knackered, heart broken or apathetic. The last few weeks have been tough in one way or another, but your giggles make it all seem funny!

Happy Birthday!


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