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Saturday, September 11, 2004

My sisters haven't come home

And now I feel like the nosey younger brother, bothering them and checking up where they are - just like my parents did to me until about 12 months ago. The problem with my deal is a) I have no idea where my older sister was going, b) she was going out with one guy she doesn't know well to she-doesn't-know-where, and c) it's almost two AM and she's not home, and not answering her phone..
My younger sister has gone to a friend's house and since it is now two AM I'm presuming that she's staying over there - that would be one great night in if she was so enthralled by what they were doing to not come home by now.
This evening has sucked - I'm still suffering alcohol overload from last night's binge, I cooked dinner for my sisters that they didn't eat, I spent three hours sorting out my new wireless router and getting it to connect, and now have had to wait up until the awful hours to see that my sisters get home safely! I'm giving up and going to sleep. My eyes hurt and I'm bored of their lack of responses.


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