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Friday, August 20, 2004

Run Run go away

Went running today – which was pretty damn horrible – I need to run more. I was going to go again with my younger sister, but it’s been pissing down rain since then, so not ideal conditions really.
Yeah. I could feel the tightness in my chest as I was running through the 15 minute mark or so... It made me remember how much running is a psychological thing – a mental challenge to see how long you CAN go on without PASSING OUT from thinking that your lungs are going to collapse. It’s funny how some people are just able to run through the pain. I think that’s what a lot of really great athletes are about – they’re simply able to block out the idea of the pain cutting them off, of stopping them on their mission. One of my friends from county Cross Country days – a guy called Simon Borg-Bartolo (posh name or what!), would say that he didn’t win races because he was better than anyone else – he got stitches and stuff just like everyone else, but he’s just ignore it until the end of the race and then collapse. Of course he was also a great runner and stuff, but the ignoring the pain thing was also crucial...
Funny really.

DB Boulevard – Another Point of View. Oh my god, what a great feelgood song. Don’t laugh. It’s a great one. I like it!


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