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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Did I mention the Catacombs

skeletons in the catacombs under parisThis is what I wrote to him, after walking through the maze of long dead Parisians:

"We stopped off at the Catacombs under the streets, the final repository for the emptied cemeteries of Paris now containing over six million skeletons entombed within them. That number doesn't really hit you until you're walking through these tunnels and see the skeletons piled up to the ceiling on either side of you, arranged in geometric patterns - skulls and arm bones stacked up to become a catholic cross. The cemeteries of Paris began being emptied into the catacombs which fill the
former mines running about 20 metres underneath the city streets, in 1786.
I believe they carried on emptying the graves until around 1850. Since then they were used as hiding spaces for the French Resistance in the Second World War, trying to hide from the Nazi's SS troops when the German army occupied Paris. The marks of the SS can still be seen on some of the doors along the passages.

Seeing all the bodies made me think about how all these people had died. That's not a particularly profound thought, but it becomes kind of overwhelming, walking through probably almost a mile of these stacks of skeletons that are piled deep back away from the path, normally 'only' about three metres, but at some points over 20 metres deep. And I'm thinking.
Twenty metres deep, about five feet high.. For a five metre stretch of cave that's probably a hundred thousand skeletons.
Anyway, that wasn't fun, and was thinking how, as you're going to die, you might as well live life as you want, be the person you want to be...
That's what I want to do, not be what anyone expects me to be, but really just do what I think.. works."


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