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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Just watched the marathon

Be lost by our own little british trooper - Paula Radcliffe. There were so many clich├ęs piled on by the commentators on TV - I thought I'd be sick. And of course there was the armchair observations by my unable-to-run-five-miles-without-dying father, who kept on saying:
"she's lost now, oh, she's lost it now; look she's lost it now"

Shuttup! Idiot.

So she flunked out - it was like 100 degrees there today - impossible heat! Though the American bronze winner whose name I can't remember - what an improvement; completely unexpected but exciting too.

Anyway, that was Athens today.

Update: It turns out she's called Deena Kastor. I must not watch enough Athletics - I'd never heard of her.
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