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Friday, August 06, 2004

I sit, eyes watering, remembering what was

I don't want to be here, for now I want to be there.
America agrees with me too much. I like to criticize it, but I also like to be part of it. I like to live the life of freedom and carefree style that the west coast perpetuates, and to revel in the possibilities of what can be.

I miss my friends and I miss the wonderful, beautiful boy I met. I want them all back so we can sit around together and laugh at the crazy Parrot we’re house-sitting, and scorn the dogs for leaving hair all over the place and for being generally blundering fools who act like Viagra fueled granddads, knocking into tables and chairs in their attempts to gallop towards their food – mere yards away.

I met some amazing people this summer, watched numerous touching scenes and experienced heartbreaking times. I love my adopted family and I want to be with him, with them, there.

Here is not there, and that is all there is to it. Being on the wrong side of the world makes stroking someone’s arm at night difficult, makes spontaneous tickling attacks hard, and it takes the life out of sharing an off the cuff joke. Instant Messaging can NEVER be instantaneous, which makes it simply not good enough.


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