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Friday, July 09, 2004

welcome to liberal county

For the last five days I've been in Humboldt county, Northern California, staying with my new extended family and remaining completely alcohol free, without so much as the peel of an Orange to dope me. I don't think I've been this sober in my life, unable to drink when going out and infrequently offered a drink at home. America is a strange place, completely open to sexual depravity in triple-X movies, whilst coy and well, sober, about drinking. It's true of course that there is a long history of improper drinking habits in the states, but it still seems oppressive. If you start kids of small amounts of alcohol earlier on, I think people won't binge on it later.
The fact that I've been sick with some form of the flu for the last two days hasn't helped my mood either, but I'm a guest in someone else's house and so I must put on a happy 'coping' face. Doing this is draining though, I feel emotionally emptied and completely tired out. I've only eaten a peach and five spoonfuls of yoghurt in the past two days and I'm starving, but can't eat. I just can't trust my stomach.

My phone company in England has cut off my phone for some reason so now I have to shout at them whilst paying international call rates, not an enjoyable thing really. My arm-and-a-leg tariff isn't worth what it costs me to begin with, without them cutting me off when my calls become inconvenient for them.

But as someone said to me recently about this, where's the cheer? I am, all in all, having a great time, constantly in awe at the scenery and loving her family who're the most open, friendly and welcoming people I can imagine. I am truely an honorary member.


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