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Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Edge was a disgusting hole

And the rest of the SF scene includes what appears to be a lot of posturing. To walk into that 'club' which is really a sweaty, crowded, old man's bar, you would not want to be under 21. Old guys go there because they know that there is a faint chance they'll pick up a piece of ass, though anyone with half a brain would take one look inside there and run - which is exactly what I did, only just keeping my pants with me.
We did the Dyke March today though which was fun and then the whole street parade/party that is going on down in the Costa/Market area of town. It wasn't really clear what most people were actually DOING there as there wasn't really a whole lot to do - you could hang around and watch people, go into a bar, or go to a restaurant. For a Saturday afternoon/night over a Pride weekend, I've seen better. I'm not quite sure how San Francisco manages to maintain its reputation as a gay mecca - the fact that there are lots of fags here surely can't be that much of a draw - there appears to be no organisation, no planning or forethought.
I've literally just come back from the street parade - the indication that it's before midnight being that there was not a whole lot to keep me there. I was let down by that because I'd been completely prepared to stay out all night if there was somewhere good, but to no avail, there was nothing I could do.

One thing that understandably caught my eye were two boys who must have been around 17/18, dancing with each other in the street to the music of a dj station.
they had no rhythm.
There were more arms flailing about than in an exploding mannequin factory. They have no clubs to go to for learning to dance in the style known as gay, and so looked SHIT when doing it in public. Poor things, move to another country that isn't quite so stupid with alcohol.
Fuck it.


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