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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Went to Stanford and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

My sister wants to go to Stanford, and so since I'm in the area, and remain a wonderful person, I dug deep into my heart and pulled out enough kindness to go around their massive campus for her.

Never do this if you're tired, have been drinking the night before, or are generally in a ratty mood; it's a huge place and you can easily exhaust yourself just looking for a cafe.
Physics is never the most amazing subject to tour a campus for, not all that much that someone can show you without letting you near sensitive equipment, or sensitive data, and hence tours tend to be rather tedious. No change here - it was slow. What was great though was the day - a sparkling, bright, sunny day. The whole campus looked like some sort of expensively executed care home development where no-one does any actual physical work, but remains cocooned inside, protected from the harsh realities of the outside world by glass walls and air conditioning.
You can lie in the shade in this place and get a suntan from the light reflecting off the golden sandstone which is used throughout. Someone must have owned a quarry - the stuff is everywhere, you can't get away.

Anyway, it comes across as a nice place with plenty of parking space. Of course, it really ought to, as the financial aid accounting department has really got its act together...

"The 2003-2004 estimated costs associated with attendance for the three-quarter academic year total


and include:

Tuition: $28, 563
Room and Board: $9,073
Books and Supplies: $1,185
Personal Expenses: $1,770

Nice. I dunno - she might be going somewhere slightly more down to earth unless there are some fantastic scholarships around - my daddy's last name isn't Gates you know. Please!
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