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Sunday, June 27, 2004

And as she was falling over she grabbed my crotch

She says it was because the BART train lurched forwards, though I don't believe her. I think she just wanted a feel.
The good news is that through a combination of my penis and my grabbing her arm, I managed to prevent her crushing a poor little eleven year old boi who looked terrified afterward. The dear child was such a wimp, rich kids shouldn't be allowed on public transportation, their brains are not capable of dealing with the traumas.


At 11:35 pm, Blogger ackb26 said...

I thought about writing a rather generic "Looks like you're having a good trip," but you actually seem rather miserable (and what's with the waxing?). So I hope that you're having good times that you just aren't writing about, and that things get better for you before it's all over!!


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