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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Today was the tourist's day

Where I walked into a tower and was so shocked by what I saw, I had to turn around and walk straight out again.
The last thing I expected to see.

It sounds so much more exciting than it really is - I'd been running, jauntily up several flights of stairs to the top of a hill in this city of San Francisco, and came to a tower called Coit Tower.
In Coit Tower, I was presented with an unexpectedly familiar view - a mural I'd studied from afar as part of a two year long examination process. I'd looked at the image of "The Pedestrian Scene" so many times, to unexpectedly see it was a shock. I suppose since I'd been running, been thinking about other things, didn't know what was in the tower anyway and being generally silly, the shock was a rather large overreaction.
However, I remained shocked, and had to go back in later. Odd seeing the work up close though - it looks so much more amateur when viewed in life size...

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