I need some inconsistency

An amalgamation of content: the aim not to politicise, but exercise. I'll think aloud about politics, technology, current news, as well as being a gay boy and what that really entails.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

All clear!

I'm so completely over being sick - I bored myself better; I'd become so tired of being ill that I just had to be better. One scary thing, my mother asking me "you're not HIV+ are you" when she commented on how I'd had a flu-like thing four times in the last two years. I'm like... how whoreish does she think I am?! Scary mad.
Anyway, back on form, but not really posting here as much as I should because I'm still trying to sort out www.sortroom.net so that images actually display on IE 6 and so forth. If you can't see it - it's Microsoft's fault and I'm working to make images work by a hack for the site design so that there's a special version for IE.

The internet's a real pain to be honest; such a lot of bother...