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Monday, January 31, 2005

Result of an illness

I've been sick in bed with the 'flu all weekend and it looks like I'll be here all of today too. I've been couging and spluttering and generally feeling sorry for myself. It's not a great look - whenever I go near a mirror I scare myself back into bed because my hair is just so crazed. It sticks out at odd angles and in weird patterns that make me wonder how exactly I cause them; how do I sleep in such odd ways?

I'm not too pleased about being sick, but there's nothing I can do except stay in bed and sweat it out. Anyway, the supposed changes that were coming, will be a little later since I haven't been able to work on them. So keep calm and wait. It'll be worth it when its done.


At 5:39 pm, Blogger gdayscott said...

sorry to hear you are ill. hope you feel better soon. at least you had some great telly to indulge in. Isn't the new trisha show great! ;-)

At 12:11 am, Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks! But omg! I don’t watch trisha! Actually, I don’t really watch anything but Will and Grace at the moment. A friend of mine told me yesterday that I AM Will. I took it as a compliment – how else does one take it?

But yeah. I should check it out. Cheers for the good wishes – am feeling much better than I was – MUCH better!

speaking of which - i tried to email you back but couldn't find an email address on your site, so this is the best i can do i think - i didn't want to pollute your comments by putting in a completely random one!


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