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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Preschool chef

picture I made a tarte today. I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out. After I finished it I realised I should have, perhaps, arranged the apple in some way, rather than just throwing it together. I'm sure it'll taste fine, it just looks rather random...
I'm liking the caramelisation of the apple though, I made an infusion of apple sauce, sugar, ground clove and mace in order to create a sort of base for the apple and raisin to mix with. With the heat of the oven, the tops of the apple have caramelised yet haven't burnt because the moisture from the base keeps from drying out.


On a related note, since I've been home from school in Leeds I haven't had any random indulgent food to eat like that which I buy when living with... myself. This is why I lose weight whilst at home. So today, to rectify this awful situation, I accompanied my younger sister and whilst on our random tour of stores, I picked up a load of brownies from a bakery. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a brownie fiend. I could easily finish them all by daybreak, but I'm going to control myself and 'only' eat one a day. I have to keep my health up!
Silly how happy the fact that I have comfort food on hand again makes me. Yummmmmm.


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