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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Youth Noise

"Your World Your Noise
10 Reasons to Update Your Family Values"

I can't work out what this site is trying to be. I found it somewhere online and wondered who it represents. It's a Save the Children Federation entity, seemingly attmepting to make 'youth' feel included, to be an inclusive force. However, with purely odd features like the one above -10 Reasons to Update Your Family Values - it comes across as grasping. Why am I supposedly trying to update my family values? What is it that means they need to be updated? It's like a great current social affairs magazine that remains decidedly non-serious. Also, they like stock photography FAR too much.
Who writes this stuff, "It's our turn. Start gearing up for the National Student/Parent Mock Election on October 28th. Millions of students and their parents in all fifty states and fourteen countries/territories are welcome to cast their vote, deciding the winner in their own version of election day."

Kids are that dumb - they notice when there's no credit given - is this written by Save the Children or is the author simply the PR guy from NationalMockElection.com?
Youth Noise


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