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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vote for me!

pictureThe Guardian newspaper in the UK launched, about a week ago, a campaign to encourage readers to write to registered voters in the marginal constituency of Clark County, Ohio. The newspaper purchased the electoral roll for the county - just as anyone else can do - and is giving out the addresses of voters to those that apply for an address online.
One of my lectures talking about democracy the other day, mentioned how if we lived in a truely democratic system then everyone in the world would be able to vote in the US's presidential election on November 2nd. I couldn't agree with this view more, we're all affected by the election but in reality have no sway. This 'campaign' is one way of working towards that - of giving people from the rest of the world some sort of influence, however indirect, on the election.
"* It works like this. By typing your email address into the box on this page, you will receive the name and address of a voter in Clark County, Ohio. You may not have heard of it, but it's one of the most marginal areas in one of the most marginal states: at the last election, just 324 votes separated Democrats from Republicans. It's a place where a change of mind among just a few voters could make a real difference.

* Be courteous. Remember that it's unusual to receive a lobbying letter from someone in another country. Think about how you would respond if you received a letter from Ohio urging you to vote for Tony Blair - or Michael Howard..."



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