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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kick him under the table

So last week I had to do a presentation comparing Democracy and Authoritarianism. I stressed about it, I read like four books for it, and I worked really hard. My hardest thing was making myself cut out what I didn't need to say, to cut out the chaff from what was essential; I'm so glad I did that. I used my computer to play a song from iTunes that was two and a half minutes long and forced myself to stop talking just after the song finished. We had about three minutes each to talk for, and I could have easily gone on for ten or fifteen if needed - could have rattled on for a while, but I knew that we'd be judged on our teamwork and for our ability to stick to the limits proscribed.

Today, another group made a presentation. They talked for half an hour. They went on and on, boring everyone to death and repeating themselves over and over. I couldn't believe how dull they were, and yet at the same time felt sorry fo them because one of their group was so selfish, was so arrogant as to think that the rest of wanted to hear what he had to say.
Summarise bitch - we know what you're talking about!


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