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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Greatest 'hits'

Robbie Williams Greatest HitsI can't imagine anything more tedious and laborious than having to listen to a whole album of Robbie Williams 'hits'. He's become a fat, laid back, pompous and self-promoting idiot who lives in LA whilst flogging his rubbish music back to people in England. Why people put up with such hypocrisy is beyond me. He claims to have a referernce to living here but doesn't actually practice it because he doesn't (honestly) like it here. If you're going ot take advantage of an audience at least be honest to them. Plus, he didn't really write most of his songs - his songwriter Guy Chambers did - he's merely a lager drinking, tabloit fodder front for the music. Take a break and listen to something classical - it'd do you good.
Robbie Williams online
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