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Monday, October 25, 2004

Sup in Silence

I was punished for my act of kindness today.

On a whim, I took pity on a group of outcasts from my hall of residence. We eat every evening in a large dining hall, where everyone makes small talk and gets to know the (almost) random collection of people they sit with each night. Tonight I saw that the table with many of my friends on it was filling up so, rather than taking the remaining place, I sat with the group of 'quiet' students...

They're not quiet by design, but by being boring. Lack of personality is conducive to a rapid and uninteresting meal.
I was punished because, though my intentions were good, I simply couldn't make anything of the situation - they provided me with no material to run with, nothing to comment on, to make smalltalk of. I couldn't stand it and resorted to thinking to myself of other people's conversations, of their far more interesting evenings.

Shy people are just so fucking dull!

I would never think of myself as part of the 'cool' crowd, but compared to them, even I'm interesting. No more pity in dining choices from now on - I'd rather starve.


At 3:37 pm, Blogger Alberto F C said...

Next time you should throw your rice pudding on them!


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