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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Operation Clark County

The Guardian newspaper, last week ran an editorial experiment where they purchased the voting list of a marginal county in Ohio, and proceeded to give away the names and addresses of voters in the county meaning that well wishing worthies could write persuasive pro-voting letters to the constituents. The campaign generated worldwide coverage and large amounts of outrage. In an article today the editor of the section that ran the piece reflects on the success of the action.

"...It's been like that for the best part of a week: Canadian newspapers, Irish radio, US TV networks. Fox has been frothing. Rush Limbaugh has been raving. A quick Google search as I write this produces the Washington Post wondering, "Can the Brits swing Ohio?", and the New York Times reporting, in unusually demotic voice, "British Two Cents Draws, in Sum, a Two-Word Reply: Butt Out". Elsewhere, detailing the robust response to our campaign, the Arab News in Saudi Arabia asks gravely: "Can the 'special' US-UK relationship survive?"."



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