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Thursday, October 21, 2004

New RSS?

I'm onto a new RSS reader. I've found that if I don't have a site on RSS, telling me when there are new updates, I simply don't really get around to reading it, ever. For a while I used NetNewsWire after using the atrocious Amphetadesk and others. Many others, like Firefox's built in RSS reader on the XP OS. It turns out that Shrook is by far the best I've seen. NetNewsWire would, for some unknown reason, simply refuse to update some sites for days on end whilst I knew for sure that they'd been updated - I'd seen the pages working. Odd. I got tired of it, got tired of waiting and got tired of not really being all that enthusiastic about the trial full-featured version either. Lite and New were not all that different for me - I use the main basic features of just reading the RSS feeds and don't really need a weblog editor; that's what Blogger is for. Anyway, MacDevCenter.com has a great analysis/roundup of the most recent RSS readers of the moment. link

Of course, Shrook they like you to pay for, and but it's all snazzy like that - seems to be a really professional effort as opposed to the half-hearted botch jobs that I've experienced thus far.
So, even though I'm an imporverished student, I may well just be shelling out the $25 for a license. I don't want to, and for me $25 is a lot, but to keep in contact with the world without having to spend hours online at a time, checking out every story, it may well just be worth it.

Shrook download button
"The Freshest News:
Shrook's sophisticated Distributed Checking mechanism means you see new items long before users of any other news reader. Simply put, each time one copy of Shrook finds a new item, it tells the central server, which tells all of the other copies, including yours. The average time between an item being posted and appearing in Shrook is just five minutes, all without placing undue burden on publishers. Other programs have you wait up to an hour."



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