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Saturday, October 23, 2004

You got no recognition

A couple days ago I wrote to a website that I frequent. It's an advertising gossip and news blog called Adrants. They carry a lot of news on new/running campaigns and big moves in the advertising industry, but in a way accessible to the average reader. So, seeing this story in the Guardian, I sent them a little blurb and a link to let them know about it.

I wish I had a copy of the text I sent in, but I used their web form-style input so I don't have a copy. Take my word for it, right - I send them a heads up.

The result was this post: "Sun Editors Fight with Marketers". I'm glad they agreed it was interesting, that it was timely for the blog. However, what isn't so great is the lack of acknowledgement. If Adrants is going to be a site that takes submissions of stories from the public, which I'm assuming is what their Send Tips, Gossip, Dirt link at the top of their pag is about, then they should acknowledge this. They should show, like others do, ie Boingboing when someone who isn't the stated 'author' of the page submitted the story. This would be fine if they were a newspaper - no-one expects USA Today to give a little 'thanks' to anyone who pointed a story out to a reporter. However, they're not a newspaper, they're a blog and should behave like one, telling readers when someone else's editing has resulted in news.



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