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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Carry the flag?

I don't want to be an issue case, don't want to be held in a glass display and don't want to be the token 'gay boy'.
I don't want to be a case study, something to marvel at like a charity case. Coming out to some people makes me feel like I'm receiving aid from some well meaning, preaching Peace Corp worthy, someone who wants to show how appropriate and accepting and admirable their behaviour is by really trying to understand.
Live a little people; go with it, but please, don't analyse.

On a related note, I feel completely isolated from my friends. I want to talk to them but they're not around. They're all doing something else, something that's important and again, worthy. To interrupt, I must say I loathe Joan Baez; her voice warbles like and eighty year old, and I don't care how liberal and anti-war she is, I don't listen to music for my politics, I get that from books. Anyway. There's no-one else here. Everyone is old. A's got something like fifteen years of my personality in her - I think she can just 'get' me. I don't know anyone else like that, and I don't have the energy to generate new friendships today.
I feel like I'm my own fucking shrink...... . .


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