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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Schrock's gay saga

Does this change anything? Does the idea that a homophobic, rightwing, republican congressman is in fact gay actually change anything? Will the Christian right actually alter any of their policies after the revelation that one of their kind is in fact not of the kind that they wanted?
This is entertaining news but it doesn't progress the agenda for change in society's prejudism against gays and lesbians. Though gays are seen as acceptable enough for our tv networks - gay comedy rules the roost with Will & Grace whilst the next phase of DIY shows, the genre which morphed into the reality tv boom has given us Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and the camp style of Simon Cowell is lauded on Pop and American Idol - the idea of gays and lesbians actually having rights, being recognised as capable of meaningful unions and worthy of legal recognition remains a battle yet to be won with the public and media of the western world.

Though I think it's good to expose the hypocrisy of high profile political leaders, making the act a flag waving, finger pointing exercise won't help anyone. Perhaps we shall never understand the reasons for Schrock's actions, but I'm unconvinced as to the real benefits of making him a poster child for GLBT distain.

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