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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Kenya Bird

Kenya bird

My friend Simone has an African Grey Parrot that really likes talking. If there's ever anyone around in the house and she can hear them but can't see them then she'll just start talking, rattling away to herself. Or of course if she's just feeling conversational she'll go for it, talking to whoever can stand it... Normally she screeches imitations of the dogs Joey and Casey or perhaps imitates Simone's mom calling her brother Gabe. I can just imagine the voice because it's clear that the real thing happens enough for the bird to get a pretty great impression of what she should be sounding like!

kenya's words

"Kenya birdie bird. Kiss. Go get it Joe! Jojojojojo!! Here hawk. Up! Joey Joey. Hey. What's the matter Casey? Up. Come here. Up. What? Up. Go ahead. Here Joe. Gabe! Oh! GABRIEL!! Beep, beep, beeeeep. KELLY! GABE! GABRIEL! Joey. Joey. NO. Gabriel. Shelby. Come here. Up. Up. Joey. Got get it Joe. Joejoejoejoe. Joey. Gabe! Stop. Gabe! GAAAABE! Gabriel!"


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