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Friday, September 10, 2004

Miss E

pictureSometimes I just have nothing to say. Today feels like one of those days - it's the alcohol seeping though me I think, and I have to let it just go. This of course means that I don't really have too many opinions or 'original' thoughts, so I end up posting lots of links, but hopefully they're interesting ones.
Missy Elliott has a new line of clothing out for adidas - it's part of their 'heritage' line of non-sports clothing. Her line is called 'Respect ME' . You get the symbolism - she never fails to stamp her logo on anything she does, but most of the time it's ok because she's so original and <>i>so cool that you can't fail to admire her.
The clothes are perhaps a little too 'out there' for me, or even at times too conservative - she doesn't really get the balance quite right, but it's an interesting start. The Cher esque details on some of the jackets are so 80's it makes me laugh, but ther yoga-appropriate training sweats in bright camoflage colours look pretty cool...
Anyway, Missy's got new stuff out, check it out.



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