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Friday, December 05, 2003

Infection whilst in hospital soon a thing of the past?

A breakthrough technique of stopping the transfer of dangerous pathogens from patient to patient whilst in hospital is going to be studied by Leeds University. The University's 'aerobiological testing facility' will be leading the research into the use of ionisers on wards - negatively charging the air particles - in a hope that the current finding that this prevents diseases caused by Acinetobacter pathogens will be backed up by solid scientific theory. The reason for the success isn't yet known - hence the study to find out what's causing this effect.

Lead researcher Dr Clive Beggs said: "This is the first epidemiological study of its kind into the use of ionisers in hospital wards and the initial results are very promising.

"We believe that the negative air ions are removing the bacteria from the air, so stopping the transmission of infection.

"Our tests have focused solely on acinetobacter, but it's possible the ionisers may have had an effect on other airborne bacteria. "

Leeds press release
BBC story on original results
medical news link


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