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Monday, December 01, 2003

I was at work.

I was there for over 13 1/2 hours. As a result my mind has gone into shutdown and body as disintegrated beyond belief. The best thing possible would be a swim or a run and then a shower. However, I haven't managed to view this new gym yet so don't have anywhere to go. Damn it. Must endure.
There was a staff discount day at my store today which was interesting because of the people other members of staff brought in to helf them buy books. My parents wanted to take advantage of 40% off books and so were around the store for over two hours umming and ahhing. This is the reason I was working so late; they needed me there to get the discount. Thank god I was as they spend over £200 on books which would equate t o around $500 before the discount. Scary amounts of money just on books.
I really liked how some people were really friendly with their loved ones whilst others were rather distant. Some of my colleagues were almost embarrassed by those with them: either that or embarrassed to have someone with them. One of my bosses was scooting around the store with her mom ducking behind isles as though trying to pretend that she didn't have family - as though there was nothing unusual. In a way perhaps it's an attempt to not look cheap, to be using the excuse to not spend money, but at the same time that's a really bad excuse as everyone likes to save money even if it's just a little. Noone thinks less of you if you take advantage of a bargain.
I wouldn't; I'd be in the line behind you.


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