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Sunday, November 30, 2003

That was fun

I was out last night in a club - surrounded by girls. A new sensation for me which no doubt did not go unnoticed by those around. Was out for R's 21'st birthday 'event' which was more of a mass night out than a party in itself. We took over a pizza place in the center of town with a booking for 40, then pissed off the staff by only arriving with 35. Oops. I thought I managed the night rather well - kept my ability to hold a conversation despite the effects of six shots of Aftershock racing through me from the drinking games we began before going out. Then there was the wine. A word of warning there, never get a house white to go with pizza - it stank. I was out with cheap students and though the house wine was over £12 a bottle, it was still completely shit. However, I'd never even considedered Rocket on pizza before, which turned out to be amazing.
And finally one last thing to consider: Aussie bars with crooners doing cover versions of old brit-pop songs. Stick to dance music on some other floor, evacuate the area of the dreary 90's durge. Plus, the whole bar was full of ugly twenty-eight year old men trying to look young in their Ben Sherman shirts and loafers. Then when they thought they'd got the combination right they'd down five pints of beer and try to hit on some poor unsuspecting girl. Gross.


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