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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Diana - leave her alone!

Who really cares anymore. We're only reading this stuff for the gossip, and we know that most of the time the gossip is heavily distorted and misleading. Diana can't defend herself, so writing another book about her just appears to be laying her open for public degradation. Do we really need or even have the right to know about how many men she had on the go - supposedly nine. She referred to them as though they were in some sort of race. Or so Paul Burrell, the author of the new book on her, says. He was her personal butler, and so knew rather more than most about her private life and her personal secrets.

I feel as though I'm selling porn to some old pervert when I'm handing a customer a copy of this book. I don't mind selling Beckham's autobiography or some other celebrity even a biography of the queen or some other royal. It's the fact that this is so revealing in an apparently underhand and stab-in-the-back way. She was nothing but trusting, and this man is breaking her trust to the world; for money. So I feel squirmish.


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