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Monday, October 27, 2003

2 many dj's

Run out and buy it. Order it online. Steal it from your local record shop.
However you get the music, find a copy of 2 many dj's "as heard on radio soulwax pt. 2". Can you guess - my cd's arrived.
Jam it to these tracks. Having been out on saturday night my body is still in boogie mode. I can't help but squiggle to these tracks.
What makes the CD even better is the website built to accompany it:

They provide little comments on each of the 45 tracks included in the mix. Here's one:

carlos morgan
"shake your body"
2 many dj's: "this is an old record we found at a flea-market and it's another jackson-song, a reggae version of the jacksons 5 classic. despite not being able to locate the performer we included it, so this way we beat the system three times"
2 many clearances: "we tracked down one carlos morgan in montreal, canada, which seemed right 'cause the album had a montreal address on it that turned out non-existent. but the guy - who is a now a r&b-star singed to a major company - disassociated himself from the track so we were unable to clear the rights of this one"

They say the hardest thing about making the album was getting clearance for the songs they used so as not to get sued following release. One of the complications is the the artist themselves often isn't the final owner of copyright. Sometimes it's really hard to find out who IS the owner:

"no one nowhere could say who owned the copyrights and when we finally found out, the guy in question had never heard of this 'bobby O. megamix" even ben liebrand, who actually produced the megamix, asked to let him know who owned the rights to the song"


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