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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some people stop blogging

I don't stop blogging, I just direct the reader to a newer, more beautiful site that's full of color and light and pretty things that XP's Internet Explorer just hates to high heaven. My long time blogging inspiration, Patricia over at thelast5pages.com is throwing in the towel. I think she's still going to 'maintain' her site, but the musings on the random thoughts of everyday life are going to stop, the mo-blog is going to wind down, and her site will drift in space, locked in its deliberate keep-out-google confines of 'nofollow' tags and 'crawler beware' signs.

If I ever take a bit of a pause in my blogging, it's never really worth writing about because I'm back to the fold within a week or so. I have too many interesting things I've read to tell everyone about, I have too many thoughts or ideas or inspirations in my mind to not want to put them out there.
I don't care if nobody reads what I have to say because most of the time there's nothing of consequence to it, but I like to think that by writing down what interests me, I'll have some sort of personal record, some sort of public diary of what has taken place in my life and some of the things I've seen.
It's like how I don't like to read library books because if I have to return the book, how will I remember that I've read it. I'm such a slower and occasional book-reader that when I finish something, it's really worth having read. I don't mind that fact that I'm a slow reader, but not having a book that I've actually taken the time to read seems like a cruel trick.

If I ever stop blogging, you know I'm just biding my time to find some greater, more colorfull and creative way to come back with a bang.


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