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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Tobacco manufacturer 'giving' product away

By paying the good looking boys and girls of the United States to pretend to love their product so much that they are prepared to give it away to their new-found friends. To prevent the new employees from simply giving the cigarettes away to their friends they make the kids photograph those how ‘benefit’ from the free cigarettes. How underhand, how sly, and divisive. Why do we now have to beware the intentions of strangers for yet another reason – because of profits. Wonderful:

"The Salem cigarette brand is marketing itself by paying attractive young men and women to give away its product. To keep these employees from making mass donations to their friends they've been given digital cameras. They're asked to photograph a unique driver license for every 3 packs given away. I witnessed this at my first visit to Dee's Cafe on the south side. It's a favorite hangout of Pittsburgh bike messengers, hep cats, artists, and smokers. About 30 packs were given away in the hour that I was there."

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