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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

"The mother of all news stories: how the world's front pages united around a single theme"

For the first time in just more than two years - since the terrorist attacks brought the towers of the World Trade Centre to the ground - yesterday's newspapers looked almost identical, no matter where in the world they were published.

The New York Post issued a special edition with the headline: "We Got Him!", like so many papers across America. The Post said: "American soldiers captured a bearded and haggard Saddam Hussein, pouncing on the once-feared Iraqi dictator while he hid in a cramped underground tunnel 'like a rat' in a hole."

America's heavyweight press was more sober, The New York Times saying: "Saddam Hussein's capture leaves the United States facing the same profound questions about how best to create a stable and democratic government in Iraq".

The Jerusalem Post said the capture was "fabulous news", and Russia's Kommersant predicted the ensuing trial would be "a beautiful PR stunt for George Bush".

But not every editor was grateful. De Standaard, in Belgium, said: "Showing degrading pictures of a prisoner, even if he was a cruel tyrant, does not increase the moral authority of those who overpowered him."


By the way, one great place to have a look at the different ways newspapers cover issues around the world is to look at a website called, suprisingly enough, 'Today's Front Pages' where you can browse over 250 frontpages from newspapers around the globe, which turns out to be a really fascinating study.


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