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Friday, December 12, 2003

Finally a techie doesn't have to do anything

Was visited today by the god of all wonderful luck. Over the last few days/weeks I've been wasting my time (and that of a highly paid engineer) by attempting to fix a 'till' or 'cash register' as you Yankees would call it. The thing's been broken and the company that deals with them had to send me a part. They send me a part, I install it, the engineer comes in, being paid four times as much as me, agrees with what I've done, makes a phone call and says 'yeah, they sent you a broken part'.
Rinse and repeat FOUR TIMES.....

So about a month on, (today) I get a package from the company, and they've mailed this thing out from Michigan. Finally they've stopped sending me shitty parts and the thing bangs in. I whip out my barcodes (how sexy does that line sound!), programme the damn thing, and as though we're in some sort of retail heaven, the thing works! My relief is unbelievable. I can now stop doing real work and go back to looking as though I'm doing work, but actually sneaking around gossiping about ugly staff members. It's a hard life in the working world!


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