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Friday, December 12, 2003

is THAT the time

I was having a few minutes power nap (read that phrase again slowly.. then assess how gay it sounds to you... email me the result) before going out clubbing last night. I got to sleep at about 7:30 in order to be back out drinking by nine. I messed around trying to programmed my radio to wake me in time; it normally wakes me with a deafening blast of noise each morning. Unfortunately I seemed to have messed up somewhere and so didn't wake up in time; instead I woke at eleven in a panic. What could I do about it then? Nothing could be done, so I phoned the friends I was meant to have met at nine and wimpered down the phone. I don't think I wimpered very well as I was still half asleep, but it worked: they still like me.
On the flip side of not having gone out last night is the fact that I feel amazing today. It's great what a good night's sleep will do for you. Also, P phoned me to say that the dj was dreadful anyway, so I didn't miss much. Yah! I'm so glad their evening was dreadful too!


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