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Friday, December 12, 2003

Popbitch and the tardblog

I get the Popbitch email every week which comes out with all the rumours and falsehoods which are circulating around the web, some of which so wrong that with a few moments research even I can prove they're wrong. The email comes on a Thursday but I'm so put off by the bitchy style that I often don't read it for a full week. As a result I'm now reading last Thursday's email. In it there's a link to a blog called the Tardblog. It's about children with mental or physical disabilities, often of course known as 'retarded':

We decided on the word "tard" mainly because it is not a word. We picked it for this reason, and thus we can assign our own meaning to the word "tard."

When using "tard" we no not mean necessarily mean "retarded," "stupid," "slow," or any other such word that carries a negative connotation with it. We did not call this the "Retard Blog" or the "Really Stupid Kid Blog" because that is not what it is. This is a journal that is written about the daily happenings in a special education/behavioral disorder classroom.

The children in Riti's class have a myriad of issues, and no two are alike. Some fit under the conventional definition of "mentally retarded," or "developmentally impaired," if you prefer that term. Some are autistic. Some have highly developed neuroses. Others simply have run-of-the-mill behavioral disorders.

It's an interesting site because of some of the tales that it contains:

#18: Supermarket serves fresh tard:
I was going through the supermarket around 12:00AM last night. I usually shop late at night, as there is less of a chance of bumping into anyone I know. I was going through frozen food section, when I see one of my tards on the other side of the freezer glass, mashed in between packages of frozen corn and peas. He was smiling and fogging up the window while beating on the glass and saying "Miss Hammon!" over and over.

I'm think to myself, "What a fucked up supermarket--they serve frozen tard."

After that I thought, "Were the hell are his parents?". I was relieved to find that it was one of the push open kinds of freezer doors as he let himself out and walked over to me. I told him what he was doing is very dangerous and he could suffocate. This agitated him, and he consequently told me I was a cunt and that he thought I would like the surprise. He then spit on the floor and walked away.

Like their FAQ page discusses, I can't decided whether to be mildly amused or completely appalled by the way the site is written. Clearly it's not meant to make light of the children or to mock them, but the simple fact that there is humour coming from their actions makes me apprehensive.
The Tard Blog


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